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Prague office market becoming more green

“Today, there are a total of 670,000 sqm of certified green office space in Central and Southeastern Europe. The clear leader among them is Prague with 244,000 sqm, ie. roughly 35% of all certified office space in the region,” said Kevin Turpin of Jones Lang LaSalle, author of the survey Going Green in Eastern Europe, and he adds: “Property developers thus respond to the EU directive 2010/31/EU Energy Performance in advance. Currently there are more than 500,000 sqm under construction of new offices seeking environmental certification in the region, of which nearly 400,000 sqm are planned in Warsaw.”

“The buildings that contribute to more sustainable development attract more creditworthy tenants, show better occupancy and thus higher value for the owners and investors. The so-called green building is becoming synonymous with quality buildings,” says Kevin Turpin. “The imaginary driving force of the green market here are property developers who strive to meet requirements of real estate investors. It is them who either require certification or take it into consideration greatly. Developers therefore invest considerable resources in their construction which receives a green certificate. In addition, tenants from among international companies are seeking green buildings also due to corporate social responsibility principles, while ordinary tenants gratefully acknowledge their operational efficiency and lower service fees for now,” says Eduard Forejt, head of office properties at Jones Lang LaSalle.

Green offices in Prague
(buildings which have or seek an environmental certificate)

Completed buildings
ČSOB headquarters 37,700 m2 Prague 5
Gemini A,B 33 ,500 m2 Prague 4
Filadelfie (BB Centrum) 28,000 m2 Prague 4
Amazon Court (River City) 19,500 m2 Prague 8
Futurama Business Park I. 16,000 m2 Prague 8
Buildings under construction
River Garden Office 17,000 m2 Prague 8
City Green Court 14,500 m2 Prague 4
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