/en/article/20997/ctp-wants-to-increase-its-profits-and-market-share/ CTP wants to increase its profits and market share
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CTP wants to increase its profits and market share

CTP records an increased income from leases and expanding of real estate portfolio each year and it plans further growth in the coming years. By 2015, the company aims to achieve at least 7 to 12% per year portfolio growth (currently 180 properties) and increase rental income to EUR 140 million. This is related to the planned increase in market share in the Czech Republic and maintaining vacancy rate below 7%. CTP intends to stabilize ratio of the loan to collateral value of properties at approximately 55% by 2015. The company will continue to advance sustainable development programmes in accordance with ISO 14001 and BREEAM standards. Currently these standards have been implemented at two CTP’s office buildings under construction – Spielberk Towers and IQ Ostrava.

Author: SF / pb, Date 27.03.2012