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Dutch company Stable to operate first Slovak outlet centre

The Dutch company Stable will operate Slovak outlet centre D1 Outlet City near Senec. In the decision-making process, Stable benefited from their experience with similar projects, according to Mr Čarnogurský. Stable were first to bring the outlet concept of sale to the Dutch market through full development and operation of the first Dutch outlet centre Batavia Stad, which they operate until today, in 2001. “The experience Stable have with maintaining a centre, creating its atmosphere as well as offer to customers and tenants are the main aspects for our co-operation,” said Ivan Čarnogurský, CEO of IPEC.

Opening of the first Slovak outlet centre is scheduled for March next year when the first phase of the project covering an area of leasable 8,500 sqm divided into 50 retail units will open. The total costs of construction in the first phase are expected to reach EUR 10 million. Occupancy of the centre is currently at 50%. Mr Čarnogurský estimates return on total investments in the Senec outlet centre to be 15 to 20 years. “We will see how much capital we´ll take from there for the next phase, or for other projects,” he said.

The D1 centre wants to compete with Austrian outlet centre in Parndorf by combining outlet, retail and industrial zones. “Our advantage is that we are not somewhere in the field far from Bratislava, and at the same time we are not directly next to a shopping centre. In addition, a retail area is being developed and a residential area is arising nearby.” Also, there are 2,000 people working in the area at present and soon there will be around 10,000 working and living here. “Another draw will also be the premium Chinese business centre located 1 to 1.5 kilometers from the D1 outlet,” Mr Čarnogurský added.

Autor: SITA, Dátum 22.05.2012