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Innovation and profitability: MIPIM launches "building innovation"

The 23rd edition of MIPIM is launching ‚Building Innovation,‘ a new programme that puts buildings centre-stage by highlighting innovative initiatives that enhance the value of a real estate portfolio.

„To ensure a better return on their assets, investors today need to consider more than the purely financial management of their real estate holdings. The challenge is to increase the profitability of a building by focusing on both its intrinsic qualities (functionality, ease of use, sustainability) and its overall efficiency management. ‚Building Innovation‘ will highlight the most innovative initiatives in this field with a series of exhibitions, conferences and best-practice sharing sessions,“ says Filippo Rean, Director of MIPIM.

The ‚Building Innovation‘ pavilion will be located in the MIPIM exhibition area to encourage meetings with experts offering innovative solutions for sustainable real estate development. It will feature such companies as Siemens (Germany) which will share its know-how with MIPIM delegates. The German group is currently involved in a major energy renovation operation for the Taiwan tower Taipei 101 that aims to reduce energy and water consumption by 10%, or some 0,000 in annual expenditure. The developer Icade (France) and the ventilation specialist Fläkt Woods (Sweden) will present other examples of the latest developments in this sector.

The ‚Building Innovation‘ pavilion will also field a series of short, high-impact sessions with the architects who work in the front-line to address the challenges of sustainable urban development. These real estate project designers will have the opportunity to share their vision of tomorrow’s buildings and new developments in construction methods with all players in the value chain. A session organized at the initiative of the building materials specialist Lafarge (France) will look at new construction challenges. In recent years, Lafarge has been implementing an active policy of partnership with architects, for example with the Jacques Ferrier Architectures agency for the design of the Hypergreen tower. On Thursday, 8th March, a panel of internationally-renowned architects will launch a day of conferences devoted to the ‚Building Innovation‘ programme. The Danish architect Kim Herforth Nielsen, founder member of the architectural firm 3XN, which recently designed Liverpool Museum, will be one of the speakers.

A series of three conferences will be devoted to the economic, social and environmental challenges facing today’s buildings. To ready the ‚Building Innovation‘ programme for the longer term, MIPIM has partnered with the Real Estate and Sustainability Chair at ESSEC international business school. Professor Ingrid Nappi-Choulet, who heads this discipline, will lead these conferences and prepare an overview of all the topics covered at MIPIM to help advance knowledge in this constantly-evolving field.

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