/en/article/21034/ruzomberok-construction-of-aupark-project-stalled-indefinitely/ Ružomberok: Construction of Aupark project stalled indefinitely

Ružomberok: Construction of Aupark project stalled indefinitely

Construction of the project Aupark in Ružomberok is indefinitely stalled, Roman Karabelli of HB Reavis confirmed. “The project is in the process of reviewing the size of sales area. This is done so with regard to the demand of retail networks and surveys of purchasing power in the catchment area,” he explained. “I am not saying that Aupark in Ružomberok will never be built,“ he said. The project has been stopped by the economic downturn, he said. “This has led to a significant reduction in domestic consumer spending and conservative expansion plans from retailers," he stated.

According to Mr Karabelli, large multinational networks today do not expand at all or they only to the good markets in so-called Old Europe. “This means Germany, the UK or Scandinavia. If they choose to join the Central European market they are interested in large cities with higher purchasing power. Ružomberok does not meet their criteria,” he said. He confirmed that the land on which Aupark should stand is not for sale for now. “We will negotiate its alternative use with the city authorities.” Originally the centre was supposed to have 10,000 sqm, and after restriction it should be 6–7,000 sqm.

Autor: SITA, Dátum 03.04.2012