/en/article/21035/ppf-real-estate-launches-construction-in-holesovice/ PPF Real Estate launches construction in Holešovice
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PPF Real Estate launches construction in Holešovice

PPF Real Estate group will launch construction work on the project Argentinská hvězda (Argentine Star) in Prague 7 this year, regardless of whether Prague 7 municipality will or will not use the building. PPF Real Estate offered the space in the building to the municipality which could use it itself, as well as for a health centre, metropolitan police and a cultural centre. Argentinská hvězda will be a system of modern office buildings surrounded by a park in the attractive location of Holešovice. It will offer up to 28,000 sqm of space for rent. The project completion is expected in 2014.

Author: SF / pb, Date 03.04.2012