/en/article/20604/stepan-morkes-will-join-ctp-team/ Štěpán Morkes will join CTP team
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Štěpán Morkes will join CTP team

Štěpán Morkes will join CTP team

CTP has a new addition to its facility management team – Štěpán Morkes will provide maintenance, repairs and operation of buildings and outdoor areas, including utility lines on the plots of CTPark in Bohemia region. Štěpán, a graduate of Czech Technical University, formerly worked for Building as a project designer, for WPM Group in the Department of Facility Management and most recently he worked as project manager for Bowfounds ČR. In his spare time, he enjoys music as well as sports (skiing, squash, tennis, cycling) and travelling.

Author: SF / pb, Date 17.01.2012